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Visit 3 and Instructions

T came to work with us again, and this time we got to send him home with a prototype to field test.

Here is a video of T using the most recent chair!!!

And with the backpack! So stylish!

So now T is going to go home and see how it goes, does he take it with him? When and why not?

If he does take it with him how does it go?

If he actually uses it, how does it go?

Then in 2 weeks we will powwow again to make any adjustments (or full pivots) that need making.

In the mean time we have worked on the instruction set. It has been important to us all along that T or anyone could make themselves. So we have gone through the process of slowly building another few chairs, and recording the steps. Here is what we have so far. Today we are going to play test this set of instructions with some students, to hopefully identify issues early.

In the future we hope to take this project to a larger audience. First identifying other use cases, redefining the problem to include these uses, then redesigning the chair to satisfy them.

In the end, the most important step will be getting the chair, or instructions on how to build it, to the people who might need it.


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