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Prototyping 4 Pipe Connection Methods

Our Pipe connector order has arrived!

It turns out pipe sizing is very confusing and although we ordered what we thought was the right size for the size pipes that we are using two of them are perfect and two are much to large.

These are the two that fit.

The first, wrap around crossover, holds the pvc to the side of legs protruding from the bottom. The second the T hold the end flush.

Although the second is more elegant, the first pushes the bar and thus ratchet out, at a more comfortable angle.

We have decided to use PVC Rather than aluminum pipe, because you don't need any special tools to buy or cut PVC to length, you can do it at home depot or order it to length.

We also ordered some D rings that we hope will help to pretty up the chair, and black zip-ties, you know, for professionalism.

They look Great!

Next we Try it outside!!


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