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Second Visit!

Today T came to check out our first prototypes and co design with us. We rolled around and asked some questions and this is what we learned.

Time commitment and cost?

Less that 50 dollars and less than an hour to build!

(The start of our requirements table which will be added too and you can find here )


"If I really feel I can trust what I make[...] if I can feel like I can have something to do with providing for my own independence, that would be great."

"If I had something I was secure with I would prefer that"

" You can imagine someone sees you and says ' oh no you are on the ground' and you get to say 'don't worry I got this'"

Having to replace it after each use would be OK so long as it can be tested and still definitely work in the field.

Nitty Gritty

Seat depth is not an issue like we thought, even two or three wraps can make a sufficient seat.

Ratchet placement remains very important. He tried the position of the ugly heavy square chair and found it much more comfortable. How might we get the ratchet out of the way without making the chair bigger or heavier?

Lucky for us, the fact that the chair is week at low angle, inst a problem at all because 8.5 in the lowest height we started at, was just a bit too low for T who preferred 9-9.5 in starting height. Well in the safe zone.

He suggested we think about pvc pipe connectors.

Having fallen recently while on a bike ride reinforced the importance of the project as well as it fitting on his bike.


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