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Prototyping 3 More Chairs, New Ratchets and Problems Solved

Last week we discussed our learning from our co-design with Todd, since then we have made some orders and revamped the design.

Firstly we Bought 5 new Coleman Rambler IIs. Still our fav.

We tried out the same method of hose clamping extra bars to the top. Unfortunately the same twisting happened with the new chair.

However having the bar attached provided another option, we tried attaching the ratchet to the side of the chair bracing it against the added bar. This throws it to the side without adding extra wraps. Its much more comfortable.

For now we are doing this with hose clamps, but they are really ugly so we have purchased a bunch of new typed of connectors to try next.

Also we bought some new types of ratchets and have settled on one we like the most.

It has a rubber handle for better grip like the 2 in ratchet but it is made for 1 in.


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