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CO is a tool for groups that want to write or govern together. Currently formatted as an add-on to the widely used Google Docs, Co allows any document to be democratically built. Any change or addition, including changes to membership and voting rules, must be approved by the group, by vote.

From house rules to small businesses, people using can use CO to rapidly experiment with democratic decision making.

At its best CO allows us to experience firsthand new forms of voting, counting, etc. within the governed groups we work in every day. We can gather real information about how ideologies turn into algorithms that turn into our culture, law, and everything we share. The project started with an idea from Liam Grace-Flood who has been working on the idea of wiki governance for the past few years starting here. Together we developed the concept as a Google Docs add-on and built the following mockups. 

Co was recognized in the Core 77 Design Awards.


Creating a Wiki Doc

Creating a Wiki Doc

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In this clip we turn a regular google doc into a Wiki Doc and add our collaborators